Folder Structure

Crema has a vast and professional folder structure

The folder structure is professional, simple and easy to understand.

1. public‌ This folder contains the public assets and JavaScript used for rendering Applications on the browser.

  • assets This folder contains all the images and other raw materials used in the template.

2. src ‌The src contains the code of all the modules in the Crema. This folder is the heart of this project. The src folder structure is as follows:-‌

  • @crema It contains all global-level common components/helpers that are used throughout the template.

  • assets: This folder contains application basic .svg icon-related assets that depend on the theme color.

  • modules: All the code related to the dashboard, apps, and other pages lies in this folder. We have kept the folder structure very simple and easy to understand by breaking the folders into sub-folders and following proper naming. For example, the modules folder contains a folder named 'dashboard' which contains all the files related to the dashboard, similarly, a folder named 'apps' contains all the code related to apps included in the template.

  • styles: This folder contains the internal and external style-related files.

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