About Crema Vite

Crema Vite is based on the MUI-5 and Ant design-5

Crema 4. x is a professional setup with all the best practices. Crema has vast and height-level architecture most easily for all-level developers. You can start with all level projects with the crema and can extend it as you want.

Crema is a fully-featured React-based Admin template that is configured with the top two UI libs(MUI-5, Ant Design-5) and trending libraries and technologies.

If you are using the Next.js version then you need to check this doc

If you are using the nx.dev version then you need to check this doc

Crema supports the top Context APIs for managing and centralizing application states.

Crema has six dashboards(Crypto, CRM, Analytics, Health Care, Academic, E-Commerce), lots of widgets and metrics, 7 fully functional apps (Todo, Mail, Contact, Chat, Scrum board, Wall, E-commerce), and a lot of ready-to-use pages.

Key Features:-

  • Three Modes - Light, Semi-Dark, and Dark.

  • A lot of Color combinations to beautify the Template.

  • 5 Menu Style with or without Background Image with Unlimited color combination

  • 11 Navigation Style

  • 3 Layout Type

  • Six Languages Supported.

  • Code Splitting and Reusability.

Crema is loaded with:-

  • React Hooks

  • TypeScript

  • CRA(Create-react-app)(Separate)

  • Vite(Separate)

  • React-Router-Dom v-6

  • Context API

  • Material UI(Separate)

  • Ant Design(Separate)

  • Google Maps

  • Slick Carousel

  • React Calendar

  • Drag N Drop

  • Recharts

  • React Player

  • React Colors

  • React Beautiful DND

  • Dropzone

  • React Timeline

  • React Table

  • Material UI Tables

  • React Notifications

  • React Player

  • Axios-mock-adaptor

  • Material Icons

  • ES-Lint & TS Lint

  • Prettier

  • Husky and a lot more...

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