Crema React


How I can remove the Customizer(Setting) button?
Is there any way to remove the menus from the left sidebar? what all files do I need to remove it from?
Which icon package is used for the sidebar menu icons?
How easy is it to extract the Mail App into my own project?
How I can remove the default login email and password?
Where I can found the Nextjs Document?
Where I can found the TypeScript Document?
Where I can change the initial URL of the theme?
How I can set dynamic initialUrl instead of static url('/dashboards/crypto')?
How I change the menu text in existing version?
How I can rid-off from the locale(Multilingual)?
Is the Crema use nextjs default routing or its use next-router?
Where I can change the logo of Crema?
How I can fix scrolling of the Navbar jumping back to the top of the menu when clicking on a menu item(NextJs)?
How can I change the current font ?
Please let us know if you missed any thing in the docs. We will add that asap.