The apps directory is the place where your top-level applications will be stored. You should always begin your migration journey by adding an application.

There are a lot of options when creating your application. If you want to follow Nx recommendations, you can accept the defaults. If you have a well-established codebase, you can configure those options at the time of application generation. You can find documentation here. Crema has a default app named source, the source's directory code based on the Context APIs. Crema is available with three state management tools Redux, Redux-toolkit and Context APIs like below.

  1. source: built with Context API

  2. source-redux: built with Redux

  3. source-toolkit: built with Redux Toolkit

  4. starter-kit: built with Context API

You can create your app using the following docs.

  • To create a new CRA or Vite app, please check out the doc here

  • To create a new Next.js app, please check out the doc here

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