About Crema

Crema is based on the MUI, React Bootstrap and Ant design

You can find out Crema 4.x documentation here.

A professional setup with all the best practices. Crema has vast and height-level architecture in the easiest way for all level developers. You can start with all level projects with the crema and can extend it as you want. Crema is a fully-featured React-based Admin template that is configured with all the latest and trending libraries and technologies like Material-UI-5, Ant Design, React Bootstrap Redux, React Hooks and a lot more interactive libs.

Crema has six dashboards(Crypto, CRM, Analytics, Health Care, Academic, E-Commerce), lots of widgets and metrics, 7 fully functional apps (Todo, Mail, Contact, Chat, Scrum board, and Wall, E-commerce), and a lot of ready-to-use pages.

Key Features:-

  • Three Modes - Light, Semi-Dark, and Dark.

  • A lot of Color combinations to beautify the Template.

  • 5 Menu Style with or without Background Image with Unlimited color combination

  • 11 Navigation Style

  • 3 Layout Type

  • Six Languages Supported.

  • Code Splitting and Reusability.

Crema is loaded with:-

  • React Hooks

  • TypeScript

  • React Redux

  • CRA(Create-react-app)

  • React-Router-Dom v-6

  • Context API

  • Material UI(Separate)

  • Ant Design(Separate)

  • React Bootstrap(Separate)

  • Google Maps

  • Slick Carousel

  • React Calendar

  • Drag N Drop

  • Recharts

  • React Player

  • React Colors

  • React Beautiful DND

  • Dropzone

  • React Timeline

  • React Table

  • Material UI Tables

  • React Notifications

  • React Player

  • Axios-mock-adaptor

  • Material Icons

  • ES-Lint & TS Lint

  • Prettier

  • Husky and a lot more...

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